Why are games hard for a day and then it gets easier?

I’m asking this for my brother because I don’t play that much anymore but he says that every couple days, his games get really hard. Like he has to fight sweaty players. This is confirmed by the stats fortnite tracker shows when he gets killed. But after he keeps losing, the game gets easier for a while. Is this normal?

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6 thoughts on “Why are games hard for a day and then it gets easier?”

  1. I’m not 100% on it but I believe everyone is ranked with equal players. With the ELO system(also used in chess to rank players with every move they make). Then he switches bracket when he wins it gets harder. If he loses his score goes down/ he goes down a bracket = easier game

  2. ScoobaSteve108

    Epic (and other PvP game developers) seem to think that players like being completely overmatched in nearly every match as long as the players gets a game with no competition every 20 games or so.


    Call me cynical, but I think that the matchmaker is based on money spent. The more you spend, the easier games you get.

  3. It looks like it gets easier but it probably isnt. The bus routes are different, rotations are different. The loot pool is a little different.

    What if in those early matches your brother kept having to rotate across the map, but later on got zone a bunch of times. That one thing changes a lot of outcomes in a match.

    Rotation dramatically increases your death odds.

  4. The game matches you based on recent wins or losses as well as killcount (or based on the highest killcount of the players on your team).

    You’ll notice that when you win, you’ll see way more people with crowns thanking the bus driver next game.

    Basically him being against better players is a good thing, means he himself is doing better. Everyone has occasional loss streaks as well, just try not to read to far into it.

  5. BlackSheepwNoSoul

    you can almost definitely scientifically dissect this. Bus route, Drop locaiton, Player Skill, Time of Day, MMR, Win/loss streak, Ratio. Etc.

    I can avoid running into players 80% of my games or at least reduce the amount of players i encounter by more than 50% simply by drop location, Some Bus routes prevent that but mostly if you drop off-route farther/later, you’ll run into less people, more than 50% of the lobby drops within the first 20 seconds of the bus route. meaning most of those players are going to the closest named locations.

    ok this may be obvious but only the most skilled players are going to win at those hot drops, so if you rotate into them you will find the “best players” in your lobby. in other words your fights will likely be easier on cold drops.

    Time of day is going to indicate many things such as when an influx of children or an influx of adults are playing, your typical Monday morning/afternoon is going to have mostly young kids and maybe a handful of adults. your typical Monday Evening is going to have an influx of Adults and lots of Kids getting off, Your night is usually a mixture of both.

    MMR is going to determine what bracket lobby you play in, if you lose 5 games, you might drop into an easier bracket, then your next game will be with less skilled players, if you win 1 game you might boost into a bracket with better players, the brackets might expand depending on time of day to reduce que times so a 1100 player in high traffic time might only be matched with 1100-1200, but during low traffic could be 1000-1400.

    also a win isn’t necessarily the only thing that changes your personal rating, your placement, kills and builds placed also change it, also who you were killed by and who you killed.

  6. I kinda hate it.. I’ll go from a grip of 13 kill win games (no lag) on a Thursday against non-bot normal players to straight up top 100 pros in the world using aim/lag hacks for like the next 3 days.

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