Why aren’t we getting more customization all around again? WoW’s already so far behind every other MMO right now it’s a joke. We all want more character customization for everyone, Blizzard.

Why aren’t we getting more customization all around again? WoW’s already so far behind every other MMO right now it’s a joke. We all want more character customization for everyone, Blizzard.

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49 thoughts on “Why aren’t we getting more customization all around again? WoW’s already so far behind every other MMO right now it’s a joke. We all want more character customization for everyone, Blizzard.”

  1. Something as simple as giving other armor slots the shoulder mog treatment, as in displaying one and not the other, would go a long way. Those little touches that really give you creative control over a character. Asymmetry, baby. All the hep cats are doing it.

  2. I had to do a double take to make sure it’s ‘when’ and not ‘what’. I thought it was about gauging what people would want, but asking WHEN people would like to see more customizations?


    Always, any time, yesterday if possible. Are you being serious? Did you miss the whole years, actually over a decade now, of people asking for more customizations?

  3. The engine is fucking old. I’d rather they get dyes for gear. So many cool options that are just a shade off that makes it look terrible

  4. It’s really silly they are wondering when we *want* to see new customization. As if it should come in several year waves like we don’t want more in general. IMHO we are missing a lot of key things that are already seen in game that the characters should have an opportunity to work with:

    – Tattoos for all races.

    – Piercings for all races. (Specific to the races too. More gears for Gnomes and bones for Trolls)

    – More hair options for all races. (Go more human for elf and more elf for human, and more human for orc and more orc for human.)

    – More hair colors for all races. (Go crazy exotic at this point, seriously)

    – More skin color options for all races. (They’ve been focusing on this as of recently which makes me happy)

    – More facial hair options for all races.

    – More character model choice options for specific races. (I.E: Human/Blood and Night Elf modeled Forsaken?)

    – Size manipulation for all races. (Note: Having ‘tall’, ‘average’, short heights. Being able to make your character skinnier or more fat based on various new skeleton models to make them look unique.)

    There’s a lot more but these are what I could think of atm.

    All of these could be large expansion based projects or things that the teams could work on between patches that continues to add life into the game with each update. Makes me wonder why they haven’t already committed to a ‘patch by patch customization dump’ for the barber shop. Even if it is only a handful of races at a time with little changes here or there, that is better than having nothing between three expansions then having a massive dump and needing to wait another few years for more.

  5. Okay, lets clear this up.

    Blizzard only wants to give you these things when it’s convenient to do so. They have sat on what easily amounts to 50+ pieces of unique looking gear that already fits and is adjusted for all races but refuse to add them to the loot table.

    Blizzard really, -really- loves to tell you that adding anything for ‘cosmetics’ is an overwhelming undertaking that threatens to drain resources from what they consider ‘core gameplay’ so you’ll stop expecting them and instead be surprised when a patch comes along and we see a hairstyle become available that’s been in the game for ages, become available for another race.

    If you’ve ever played on a private server you know damn well what’s possible and know that Blizzard isn’t even trying hard to add cosmetics/customization because it’s just not on their priority list and seems to never be.

    Until an actual nameless developer who has toiled away endlessly behind the scenes comes up with a real answer to why Blizzard behaves this way with cosmetics it’s easier for us to agree that Blizzard is simply lazy.

  6. For faces I don’t mind the presets, but in some races you could double the hair style types, add more jewellery, and tattoos. Transmog needs an overhaul, let us mog everything, let me be a mage wearing plate, or a warrior in robes. There are some leather sets that would look great on a hunter, cause most of the mail appearances are crap.

  7. *We can’t have more customization because that will cost us an entire raid tier.*

    Nevermind that we’re paying the equivalent of 3x AAA games per year to play this game. We get less and less content each year while still paying the same amount.

  8. Let Worgen and Drakthyr toggle the automatic transformation off. If someone wants to play a Gilnean human or pretend their Drakthyr is a proper dragon in human form, let them.

  9. Otherwise_Future_832

    Because apparently a modder from the nexus is more efficient than a blizzard dev.

    Seriously more customization is not a huge ask but blizzard has to act like everything is a huge deal to.

    I bet I could learn to make some customization in a couple days with their dev kit and I’m just some rando.

    But blizzard… well they have to sacrifice a raid tier of cut a zone. They still haven’t learn their way of doing stuff as of late is not working. It’s really incredible how a business in 2022 can be so inept.

  10. It’s a joke, really. They already pulled that after the first customization options came with SL. “Yeah, just tell us what you want after that, we’re looking into it” and then a few months later at Blizzconline “Yeah, we know the community loved it. But we’re not gonna do anything like that again in the near feature :)”. The tiny amount we got with 9.1.5 also just came as a band-aid for all the scandals and leaving players.
    They know that the community LOVES those and there is tons of feedback on what we’re still wishing for but either they really don’t have any ressources for 1-2 hairstyles from time to time or there is a really bad mismanagement going on.

  11. We just need a glyphs 2.0 system to let us customize our classes better. DKs for example should get unique eye colors for each spec, and even an orange eye color to mimic being powered (in part) by dragonfire similar to Bolvar, which works great with the upcoming expansion. Small stuff life that absolutely adds up to tons of flavor in the game for relatively cheap.

  12. I would love a hip, butt and boob slider. Could you imagine a thicc curvy draenei or a non toothpick elf running around. Ohh mama there’s a goatgasm.

  13. To be specific, what MMO that aren’t hyper realistic (black desert online or other Asien MMOs) have more options then WoW?

  14. Now, now is always the right time for more customizations. This was the wackest answer they gave about anything this past week. Which hopefully is a good sign overall.

  15. WoW’s customization gets a lot of unfair hate. It is much better than a lot of people give it credit for.

    Most MMOs trick players into thinking they have robust customization by overwhelming them with many different inconsequential choices. So you can fiddle with options for hours, but everyone looks the same in the end. ESO is a good example of this. It technically has huge racial diversity, but it actually doesn’t. It’s the same basic human body with different heads/tails glued on. SWTOR is the same. FFXIV’s definition of a “race” is a joke – a human with a cheap catgirl halloween costume. GW2’s is probably the best, but it’s still limited compared to WoW. Not to mention you have to spend real money every time you want to change your appearance.

    When it comes to the actual diversity of options available, WoW blows everyone else away. It may not have a lot of option for each race, but the races themselves represent huge diversity. No other major MMO has the range in body types and fantasy that you see in WoW – from Vulpera, to Pandaren, Undead, Worgen, Draenei, and more.

  16. I mean, to be completely fair it’s beating ff right now. But that’s probably the biggest problem that mmo has. The actual character customization is barren.

  17. Open up all class/race combo’s (surely tick box exercise)

    Add more customisation colours (surely just adding RGB codes to menu)

    Yes it’s probably a little more complex than that but surely this would be an easy win?

  18. Take it easy on them, all three of the employees they have working on WoW are doing the best they can. /s

  19. sweetpotatoclarie91

    I mean… we only had the announce of 10.0 this week, the expansion is months aways, the beta is months away.
    Cut them some slack, maybe they will actually had new customization for every race.

  20. Internal-Dot-290

    Thank god they are spending all that development time on a race that a lot of people don’t like and can only be one class rather than expanding customization of races already in the game. They thought everyone would be super excited for Dracthyr and it would be an expansion seller but they seem to be quite wrong on this.

  21. laddergoatperp

    Yeah never understood why they keep adding shit people haven’t asked for but never add what we’ve been asking for.

    “We want housing” is answered by “here’s mount 2.0”.

    I think dragon riding seems awesome but still. How fucking hard can it be to listen?

    Edit: TIL Blizzard apparently listens and everything we want we get. Just like solo q.

  22. Looking at the new races, I think Blizzard just doesn’t have the resources to work on additional features like this anymore. It became very apparent to me that WoW is kind of on a backburner.

  23. I would rather see glitch fixing. For an example, using long belt in combination with robe as panda or dwarf just suck. Mount glitching, too.

  24. OverallImportance402

    Who is this ‘we’ everybody on this forum keeps talking about. Because it certainly isn’t me.

  25. If you’re looking for an MMO with 6 million sliders in the character creation menu, this ain’t it. Never will be. Gameplay has always been the focus.

  26. I dont want JUST new customization options, tho a midpoint for body size would be great (like chiseled/athletic than body builder) I want the animation revamp, at the very least the movement.

    Let’s be honest, male human running as if he was a prima ballerina or he had a pogo stick up his ass is bad optics for the animation team… if I wasn’t clad in full plate non stop, I wouldn’t even play human lol

  27. For all we know they might be working on it but just don’t have enough to show us atm.

  28. When I bought the spider mount I wanted a two seater option. Like spider wrab my passenger in a web and ley me drag the passenger away.

    For the dragon’s 2 seater option, let my dragon hold my passenger in its claws or mouth.

    As for customizations, can I have a spike with the corpse of an enemy impaled on top? Or bumper stickers.

  29. imagine thinking every single feature has been announced for the expansion already 🤦‍♂️

  30. They already did a bunch in the last few patches, that’s not to say they won’t do more.

  31. I would like to see shoulder size customization and maybe even shoulder positioning customization where you can pick like small/medium/large sizes and inner/neutral/outer positions. That seems doable within the capabilities of WoW and would help a lot with customization. There are so many shoulder items that are good, but then the positioning or size is completely stupid and the item is useless for transmog.

    Probably more work than that, but I’d like to see a few posture options for characters. I’d like to just stand up normally with a male blood elf instead of having some weird lopsided lean. I know people also want upright trolls and undead as well.

  32. That’s a real headscratcher. They’ve chosen to focus on a race that only one class can use, instead of giving all of the other races some new options…

  33. I’m a simple man. I just want an eyepatch that I can apply to my plate wearing class.

  34. Worgen need tails. How is this not an option yet? I used to use a model edit that gave them tails and it looked amazing.
    Lightforge draenei need the option for longer tails like regular draenei have now. Why is tail length race locked?
    Why are so many classes locked behind races still? And dont tell me it is “lore”. They can shoehorn in any lore they want and have done it countless times. Rogue/warlock for draenei just seems normal after legion. Goat people love fucking around with shadow magic and they sure as fuck aren’t all holy Paragons of good,and I’ve done loads of stealth quests so it’s definitely not the hooves being noisy.

  35. This is the most frustrating part of the new expansion to me. I want more customization options. I want tattoos, face shapes, new skin colors, new hair colors and styles for every race. But the most frustrating thing isn’t that we aren’t getting these to me, it’s that the developers STILL don’t seem to actually be listening to players.

    I’m very happy with the systems they’ve talked about in dragonflight, but why continue to shit on the good graces of the people who just want to make their character a better expression of themselves? Why do we have to shout so loud just to get a sprinkle of new choices every few years?

    Do better blizzard.

  36. Honestly was hoping for a graphics revamp in this xpac too which would come with more character customization

  37. Are they still asking for community input?

    I thought they were setting up some kind of community representative group for this.
    Or did that never eventuate?

  38. giselledoodles

    Don’t understand people in here being like “well WoW has more customization than other MMOs!!” I mean that doesn’t… make it better lmao? For example with belf women despite being one of the more popular races, makeup options non existant (and this goes for the other races as well, which is bizarre because npcs like Valeera have decent looking makeup), belves in general still don’t get arcane tattoos, hairstyles are either 5 variations of bobbed or severely outdated references with only 2-3 decent looking styles. Faces on every race just seem to be the same with the only options to change it being “frown” or “old”. I frankly don’t give a fuck about offering different body options because I know that’s a bigger hurdle than just slapping on a new face texture.

  39. I can’t think of a single MMO that you can choose from more than just a human that is ‘so far ahead’ of WoW on customization.

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