Why did I get declined for a Chime account? Chime Account Review

Chime is a rapidly growing bank in the USA and online services provided by chime bank are extremely attractive. After opening an account with chime bank, all you get is a visa debit card, a checking account, along a saving account. A mobile banking facility offers great relief while managing the account.

When you apply for a chime account, there is an involvement of a third party. When the information you provide while verification fails, account processing does not happen.

But the decline for a chime account doesn’t mean that the applicant is not eligible, it can happen occasionally.  

Why can’t I open a chime account due to security reasons?

Declined for a chime account is the issue that one can face most often while applying for an account. When a person wants to open a chime account, there is an involvement of a third party. Personal information is required while applying for a chime account.

Chime app needs the personal information of an applicant to assist the government in fighting terrorism or money laundering-related activities.

That’s because the federal law of a country demands from all institutes involved in finance to get, verify and save the records abut information of a person.

That information helps the government and institute to identify the person who is opening the account. If there is any problem regarding this data, you may not be able to open a chime account until you clear are the requirements related to security.

Why did I get declined for a Chime account?
Why did I get declined for a Chime account?

How to reset a chime account?

Other than the decline for the chime account, there is also a problem with the information or password you may want to update. Chime banking is a kind of banking system that helps you keep the money safe without any charges.

It imposes no extra charges over a specific limit of money or at a lower balance. Sometimes it happens that the chime mobile app is not working and you have to reset it.

Multiple scenarios can be an underlying cause behind no access to chime accounts. For example, you may forget your password, or lose access to the email account that you used while signing up.

Sometimes, some malevolent agents try to gain access to your account via your log-in details. 

But there is nothing to be worried about as there are solutions to all these issues for helping you to access your account. All three solutions are given below one by one:

1. Setting of password

For resetting the password, one should go through the following steps:

  1. Open the chime website and go to the sign-in option and click it.
  2. There is a “forgot your password” tab below the OK button.
  3. Clicking it, you will reach a password reset page asking you to enter your associated email.
  4. After entering an email address, send it. You may also require to enter the four-digit security code for the confirmation of identity.
  5. After receiving an email in your mailbox, you will find a link to the page where you can reset your password.

2. Changing personal information

Personal information can be updated on both the website and the Chime app. To change the personal information one has to follow the following steps:

  1. Go to app or website

  2. Log in to account and go to settings

  3. Click the edit button and change email address or other personal information that you want to change

  4. Sometimes chime may ask for proof to confirm your identity

3. How to contact chime

There are various ways to contact chime to get some information or ask for any details. 

  1. The first option is to call customer service between 7 am to 7 pm throughout the weekend and 9 am to 5 pm on Sundays.

  2. The second option is available at the chime app and one can contact the customer service through it.

  3. The third option is sending a mail to customer services. 


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