Why did tilted towers get destroyed? (in terms of story)


Hi, why did tilted towers get destroyed this update? What’s the lore reason for it? The blimp didn’t fall on it or anything. Did it get destroyed because there was a battle there?


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2 thoughts on “Why did tilted towers get destroyed? (in terms of story)”

  1. Yeah, since probably that point is kinda the final chokepoint before The Seven are able to go the main IO base and win the war once and for all and had to put out the big guns, and I don’t even know if it’s the last carpet bomb they will do, since now when you fight there the title of the battle says “the EST of Tilted” and not Tilted itself like the other POI’s

    It kinda remids me the Battle of Stalingrad and I don’t know why

  2. Either the IO destroyed it out of spite knowing they’d be force to retreat (kinda like a certain country irl) or the seven shelled it

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