Why do a million people come at me while I’m healing?


So today, I was playing solo no build. This kid came at me and I killed him, but was left with 67 health and no shield, with my overshield depleted. I pick up his shotgun and then I start to heal. Suddenly there’s a guy right next to me with a shotgun. So I kill him and continue healing. This happened 4 times in a row with me constantly trying to heal and just getting berated, constantly having to clutch with my gold shotgun while on 20 health


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5 thoughts on “Why do a million people come at me while I’m healing?”

  1. Because they know you’re low on health and see the opportunity for an easy elimination when they know they have an advantage of more health. Wouldn’t you do the same, or do you patiently wait off to the side until your potential opponent has had time to fully heal up?

  2. I would also say that most players use the setting for deaf people in the game so it’s easier to tell when another player is healing through the walls. Before that setting came out you had to listen or assume that your opponent was healing now with that accessibility for the blind in the game players all around you even ones not in the fight will know what you’re doing and come after you for an easy kill.

  3. Why are you healing where other people will know where you are? Anyway, I blame it on the visual audial assistance. It shows you a cross and it’s like an arrow pointing to a jack pot to them. I used it once and it immediately felt cheap and stopped using it

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