Why is the world so empty?

I’ve noticed this a lot over the last few years, but… where the hell is everyone? I’ve leveled a lot of characters and I quest all over the place. I never see anyone outside of Orgrimmar/the gates of Org. Why does the world appear so empty? I play on Wyrmrest. Pretty busy server, yet no people?

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  1. Welcome to sharding! RP realm shards gotta keep them small you with more than just WA but all RP RP realms but they shard them to keep pop low so they don’t overload zone their excuses we’re for smooth expansion launches… it’s bullshit… but RP realms are the minority so you see a lot less people there than on a Normal server

  2. introspectiveivy

    Most of the content folks want to do at max level are dungeons, raids, achievement hunting, appearance collecting and the like. Most of that doesn’t require you to be out in the world, so it results in the world feeling a bit lonely, especially if you’re not in Shadowlands (the most current expansion content).

  3. The game is losing more players than it is gaining and over the years has shifted toward being weighted toward the end-game to the exclusion of nearly everything else. The average player simply has very little reason to be out in the world.

  4. StrikesMidnight

    I recently started playing and I’ve seen a lot of new players but I’ve been doing the Zandalarian quests

  5. I know what you mean. We just came a few years late. The world is really dead in that game. Plus a lot of npcs which were important back in the days are useless now.

  6. There was like a few hundred people who just did a massive charity run on Sunday on WA.

    Maybe you have like kiddo settings on or something where it keeps you in a bubble.

    WA is crazy populated.

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