45 thoughts on “Why make something yourself when you can just collab”

  1. Not that Epic is at the verge of bankruptcy, but that’s exactly where LEGO was in the 90s. Then they received the license to make Star Wars sets and they sold exceptionally well. Since then, LEGO has licensed all kinds of properties to sell their sets. People have a similar complaint that they make too many licensed sets and not enough original.

    Licensed content makes money, which is why Epic makes it.

  2. And I’m glad they do.

    If I have choose between having Kratos and Chun Li in the shop compared to more original skins, I’m 10/10 choosing Kratos and chun li.

  3. vinsmokewhoswho

    Although I do want more original skins too, I’d rather have a collab than a mediocre original skin. Original doesn’t mean good.

  4. Jazzlike-Blood-3725

    To be fair I like the collab skins better anyways. I love the feel and gameplay of fortnite so the ability to play as some of my favorite characters from other games/movies is pretty fucking cool.

  5. Notyouraveragegeorge

    I don’t get why others get mad when a part of the community wants to see epics creations as well. There’s certain and many collabs that people aren’t a fan of and it feels kinda unfair. I mean I know you don’t have to buy it and it’s just cosmetics but I would like to have something nice and new to play as while playing the game. I just wish there was balance again for the item shop.

  6. Yes, the number of original skins has gone done (significantly, if you don’t count concept-skins as original skins), but there’s still original skins, stop acting as if it’s only collabs

  7. I don’t see the problem. Why would I want to play as one of Epic’s random skins when I could be Spider-Man, or Batman, or Boba Fett?

  8. I like the non-original skins and emotes, it’s cool to see things from things people like in the game

  9. cope.
    there is at least 1000 original skins chill tf out bro. theres always original skins in the item shops, idk what to say its your fault for not liking them bruh

  10. Wow what an entitled and disrespectful thing to say, you do realize a lot of work still has to go into making the dam collab skins as well right? hell possibly even more than coming up with your original ideas considering they most likely have to make it accurate to the rights holders specifications.

    tldr:OP knows nothing about how gave dev works

  11. I mean, I started playing the game because of collabs and that’s why I stay lol. There are probably lots of people like me

  12. RaNgErs_Reprrrr

    We’re still getting original skins no so we’ve have over like 1000 skins in the game yea a good amount of them now or collabs id say probably hundred like 20 the rest are probably original. Also emotes are just in a weird place because it’s a dance so if they just removed icon from it you probably wouldn’t even notice epic probably probably want to avoid any drama like before BECAUSE TECHNICALLY THE DEFAULT DANCE IS A COLLAB SKIN I BOYUCE IM TYPING IN ALL CAPS TOO LATE

  13. APulsarAteMyLunch

    I think collab skins are kinda the norm now, but good god do we need some more original emote songs

  14. Tbh I hate where Fortnite is going, ever since they’ve established that they are literally the center of all realities they won’t stop doing stupid cross-overs and unoriginal content, we’ve gotten no original dances in the battle pass for a while and had 3 MARVEL TIER 100 SKINS THE PAST 3 SEASONS GDHH GGS KFCHD BI T SBKDCHUDCNMOUDXBKIFCDTKOBCFDJVCJLBCFHBCFJBVHKBV

  15. They release more original skins than collabs every season (I’ve kept track and am even making a video on it)

  16. Im loving the collabs but they dont feel special anymore, I remember the infinity war event and it was the craziest thing ever. I feel like they also used to put a lot more effort in as well. Not sure why but maybe it was because they were the top dog?

  17. This post is so dumb on so many levels. But you’re a brick farmer so that’s expected

  18. They only collab I’ll actually like is a Breaking Bad one with challenges where you get shield potions give them to Walt and Jesse then distribute the crystalized shield meth to NPCs on the map and you get them hooked on it.

  19. I mean even their original skins are usually *heavily* inspired by some other licensed property.

  20. I like many collab skins, however it still pisses me off when I see so few interesting original skins (and so many detailed collabs) when epic still knows how to make great original skins : this season’s and ch2s6-8’s battle passes were really cool imo, the latest fortnite crew skin is cool af, just like the other pretty recent skin with the same arms system.

    Ps : with those last 2 examples it shows that they’ve released several cool original skins pretty recently, so I can’t complain as much as in previous seasons

  21. fun fact most of collab we have their design is not straight up copy pasted but epic’s original design based on the existing character

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