Why the heck are dungeons in this game so good?

Started playing this game 4 days ago and the dungeons are ridiculously fun so far. As a guy coming from the FFXIV free trial the dungeons here are superior in every way, heck they are so fun! Atal Dazar, Motherlode, The Underrot, Waycrest Manor, Tol Dagor is what I have been doing so far and they are soo good. I caught myself repeatedly playing these dungeons just for the sake of fun, without any progressive reason behind it. Cant wait for the shadowlands dungeons

Also I just wanna throw this out: *Not once* have I experienced toxicity in a dungeon so far, and I have played them multiple times. I know there indeed is toxicity in this game and I’m sure I will have to face it at times, but it’s not nearly as bad as this sub wants you to believe it is.. as someone whose sole reason to not try this game out was the constant complaints about the community, I have to say that every time I said “Hi Im new” when entering a dungeon people have been more than welcoming to me and willing to explain without raging. Just a heads up for everyone too scared to try it out because of the community

I have even made 2 friends in a dungeon so far

Sorry for the english, non native

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  1. Mate, they’re good because they want us running them 10 times a week. Mythic+ has earned its place next to raiding in terms of fun and reward.

  2. Yeah, that’s the difference between early XIV dungeons and second to most recent expansion WoW dungeons. It’s like comparing them is the difference of years of dev time and experience.

  3. To make the comparison a bit more fair, you compared dungeon made in the last expension with dungeon made 8 years ago during the first patch of the launch of the game.

    Yes, those FF dungeon are now old and the ones in the last expension are amazing by comparison.

    But that’s not for me to say you are wrong for liking one over

    the other, just a bit of context.

  4. The dungeons are in general just good fun 🙂 the only big minus you might encounter are rude / faux tryhard PUG members.

  5. PercentageCandid

    Idk about the new reworks of dungeons in ff14, but the endwalker ones were good. The dungeons in ff only start the get ok after HW, so the trial is locked that what are in most people’s opinions the worst dungeons FF14 has to offer.

  6. ‘Sorry for the English’, my brother, I would have had no idea it wasn’t your first language. I’m learning Norwegian now and hope to someday be half this proficient.

  7. man, i was playing wow from release up to like a year ago. switched to ff14. i enjoy it very much. like the community, the gearing, the jobs.no matter how hard i try though, i cant convince myself its superior to wow. something about the dungeons, raids and the gameplay im general feels more refined than most mmos.

  8. Dungeons are incredible! I have never experienced better set pieces in any other game…period. I’m looking forward to the new SL season.

  9. A small thing to think about when comparing those dungeons to the free trial dungeons: they are the equivalent of Stormblood dungeons not the ARR and Heavensward dungeons. They are much newer than the ARR and HW dungeons you would have played on the free trial

    But yes the dungeons in this game for the most part are amazing and a reason a lot of people play(along with the raiding)

  10. You may already know this, but since this is your first character then you’re forced to go through BfA to level up and then shadowlands. Once you reach max level (or I believe lvl 50) on your first character, you can level up alts using Chromie timeline. What this basically does is scale content from previous expansions and enable you to queue up for older dungeons.

    There are dungeons from Legion and Warlords of Draenor expansions that I enjoyed way more than BfA or shadowlands.

  11. I’ve also almost always felt this way about WoW compared to most games.

    I think WoW has some of the best vehicles in the buisiness. (Classes)

  12. WoW has been the dominant MMO because of their instanced PVE content. I suggest trying multiple different expansions on other characters after you hit max on your main. A lot of classic dungeons got redone, but from TBC on you can see the progression that WoW dungeons made and it’s amazing. Some of the old content even holds up still today!

  13. the WoW community is in a bit of a weird spot right now but there’s still a reason why this game is so beloved and played; the PvE content in unrivaled and always has been
    Even when the best you had was Molten Core and Scholomance it was still light years ahead of everything else.

  14. ContributionInfamous

    Yea, say what you will about wow, but their raids and dungeons are unmatched.

  15. i was waiting for the plot twist, bracing myself for the ‘got me in the first half ngl’

  16. The FF dungeons in my experience started to get good after Heavensward

    WoW dungeons especially like in BFA onwards improved over the older ones too.


    I’d say toxicity comes in around endgame like Mythic+ key 5 onwards

  17. Most toxicity in WoW (that I hear about)stems from pugging M+.

    It all comes down to a misalignment of expectations within the group, you have a portion of the community who expects baseline knowlage of dungeon pathing and mechanics to be had by every person in the group, and another section of the community who do near zero prep and just kind of wing it. As you can assume when These two groups meet it doesn’t go well.

    If a player who does not have the knowlage or skill sneeks into a higher difficulty key, this wastes everyone’s time who actually knew what is going on, its disrespectful to everyone else’s time. This is rude as fuck.

    If a high skilled player pops into a low difficulty key and expects the pug players to understand complex pathing and strategies, without specifically checking to make sure the group is ready/able/willing to do them, well that player is fucking rude.

    Hope that helps.

  18. Dungeons past classic wow are vastly worse to what they are now. You had sprawling areas you could get lost in, with branching paths. Something worth being called a dungeon. Now everything is linear and identical in structure to 14.

  19. Wow gameplay raiding and dungeons are superior to final fantasy in every way imo. Final fantasy world and community is probably better than wows at this point, but required way more effort to get through. Playing through like 100 hours of story just go actually start the game kinda sucks. Personally I just prefer wows global cool down and roles being more important.

  20. Toxicity in dungeons is really overblown. It happens, but (from my experience) rarely. I also see it more in M+ than I do in leveling

  21. If you wanna chill in mythic+ a little when you hit max, feel free to PM me your Battlenet. I don’t mind running you through the tactics and etiquette for m+ in low keys. 🙂

  22. > Also I just wanna throw this out: Not once have I experienced toxicity in a dungeon so far

    Must be nice.

  23. “Not nearly as bad as this sub wants you to believe”

    Nah bud. It really is. You’ve played a very lucky 4 days. Game is a cesspool of next level toxicity”

  24. Lol wait till you get to max level and start doing m+…… then tell us how your experience is.

  25. in SL ppl wanne rush it, that will cost some enjoyment sadly. But good to hear your having fun!

  26. The toxicity in the game is real. But if you just mention you’re new 95% of players really don’t care. The toxicity comes when people who are new judt run around blindly not hitting any buttons or pulling things just by running around aimlessly. As long as you’re trying and you’re friendly about it. No one cares how you perform lol 😄 welcome to the game

  27. InfiniteLlamaSoup

    Haha, FFXIX dungeons suck to start with. They get way better, once you get through the original game and have done a 1-2 expansions. Even around level 50 they start to pick up the pace.

  28. Never heard someone speak positively about the motherload. It must be a trick of some sort

  29. Adventurous-Item4539

    >it’s not nearly as bad as this sub wants you to believe it is

    WoW has a reputation for toxicity because it does exist and it is a problem. Your mileage will vary but just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

    For example, here’s Fran Townsend of Blizzard entertainment letting us know that she has never experienced discrimination at Blizzard therefore the lawsuits and complaints were not true and overblown.

    >Townsend wrote the lawsuit “presented a
    distorted and untrue picture of our company, including factually
    incorrect, old, and out of context stories — some from more than a
    decade ago.” She also wrote that **she had never experienced any of the**
    **things alleged in the lawsuit**.

    Anyways, if you ask around in game you’ll find plenty of people that have experienced harassment and just general toxicity in the game. There’s a reason many tanks & healers are happy to tank for their guilds but not for random groups.

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