Will SR matter to get into the beta?


I’m just wondering cause people have said it does but i can’t find where it says this, I feel like im high enough but i don’t think my friends are so just asking for them./


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4 thoughts on “Will SR matter to get into the beta?”

  1. My guess is they want to run through as much skill levels as possible. So from new accounts to day 1 players. Low bronze all the way to top 500. This gives a wide range to pull info from.

  2. They will want a good spread of region, pc specs and SR to ensure they can get some good stats. If they want even numbers across these then gold players will likely have the lowest statistical chance of getting in, as there are the most of them (assuming normal bell curve). However, SR might not even factor into it, as over a large distribution they would probably end up with a decent pool of players at every level anyway. My guess is that SR won’t matter

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