30 thoughts on “With new race/class combos on the cards in future, what is your #1 most wanted?”

  1. Monks for all classes. The 3 added, warriors and monks are the ones I don’t see a reason to be limited by lore.

  2. im not too excited for that, but i would like for them to allow people to still be in their guild even while being crossfaction. im a druid and would love for my druid to be a night elf, but as long as i cant stay in my guild then thats just not going to happen.

  3. PaleontologistTrue74

    Nightborn demonhunter. Fel glow affect from the outside nighthold nightborn.

    Highmountain warlock. Fel tottem customization options.

    Void elf palidan. Shadow after glow for all light effects. Praise the void lords.

    Mecha gnome palidan. Those gnomes love energy, lights just a big power plant that can make great toys.

  4. Belivious677

    Night elf paladin. I would drop whatever I am currently maining for them.

  5. soggyllama79

    For years I’ve wanted Undead Druid, there are already undead animal models in game, even burned trees that could be used, lore wise, a Druid could’ve died and been brought back, just like warriors, warlocks etc.

  6. Goblin Paladin

    I mean they have priests and shamans… okay I just want my favourite race able to be my favourite class xD

  7. Undead everything so I don’t ever need to have any other race besides the forsaken

  8. Blaze_studios

    Zandalari Warlocks, Maghar Warlocks (shadowmoon or bleeding hollow), Druids for anyone.

    Edit: Lore wise, Panda druids may make sense I guess? and Nightborne druids since they have all the astromancer things. Maybe Belf druids too.

  9. VincentMagius

    I think most should be acceptable. As long as it makes some sense. Most new characters go through the new starter zone instead of their own. There’s a few that I think still don’t or we can’t really bend the lore to make sense.

    Unless we have a new way of making Death Knights or Demon Hunters, then we can’t really have new ones.

    I want to say that Undead Paladins should be extremely rare since they should be tearing themselves apart every time they cast a spell or we claim some kind of Shadow Paladin. But, Gnomes and Blood Elves are supposed to be on the verge of extinction.

  10. robyngoodfello-

    Mechagnome druid where you ‘transform’ into robotic versions for the animal forms

  11. AspirantCrafter

    Human Shaman. A Stormking for Stormwind makes total sense if you ask me. Plus Worgen Shaman/Monk and Paladin.

    God, a Worgen Paladin would be so cool.

  12. ZealousidealFerret64

    I’d really like Dwarf Druids. I could see some really cool forms for them, especially their bear form.

  13. Blood Elf Druids of TBC Netherstorm dungeon.
    Night Elf Paladins of Legion campaign.
    Dracthyr Warrior and other classes. Why waste a whole race on 1 class?

  14. Gnome everything, finally get rid of forcing people to play inferior races

  15. Volkov_The_Tank

    Gnome or goblin paladin. I want to play my favorite tank as a really small character.

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