Won’t “Soldier” and “Sojourn” get mixed up in comms? I’m already mishearing it

Was watching a YouTube video of Sojourn gameplay and I swear I kept hearing “Soldier” when they spoke of her. I’m curious if anyone feels like we’ll have mixed comms for Soldier and Sojourn (if both are on enemy team for example) Do you think we’ll find a new nickname for one or the other or am I overthinking this …

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29 thoughts on “Won’t “Soldier” and “Sojourn” get mixed up in comms? I’m already mishearing it”

  1. EazyMothafuckinE_

    It will be ignored like Tim ignores us.

    People always say Hello Tim at the start of the game but Tim never replies. Rest of the lobby just goes Hello Tim several more times and Tim never says hi back.

  2. Yeah, Sojourn was a pretty bad name to pick when we already have somebody that has a name very similar to that. I sometimes have the same issue with Bastion and Baptiste, when somebody is pronouncing it “Bap-tist”. Very minor though.

  3. Artistic-Advice6351

    What are the odds that they are both the dps in the same team? You barely ever will have to deal with this situation.

  4. PrudentFartDiversion

    Just remember sojourn is soldier and ash merged together with mercy’s high jump. If you hear soldier it’s a mistake because everyone will start on sojourn.

  5. See, at least the characters themselves are more distinct, as one is the more “generic harden soldier” type, while the other i-….wait.

  6. People will use “Legs” or “76” for Soldier but still they didn’t think this through too well.

  7. Imagine teams intentionally using Sojourn and Soldier together in team comps to mess up the enemy’s comms

  8. No reason to be afraid. Wrecking Ball is still called Hammond by a lot of people. I guess Sojourn will get a unique nickname.

  9. Since Sojourn is Canadian we should give them a Canadian nickname like Maple Syrup, Beaver, Beaver Tail (famous Canadian dessert), poutine, bagel, timbit,

  10. Organic-Importance88

    We could call Soldier basically Jack, Morrison, 76 etc.

    For Sojourn perhaps Vivi?

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