36 thoughts on “World of Warcraft Dragonflight Login Screen [Concept]”

  1. I get the concept, but you’ve way oversaturated the beacon light. Imagine that popping up at 11pm and blinding you for the next 10 minutes. It’s like the visual analogue of Sindragosa’s roar.

  2. Strongly reminiscent of BFA and Shadowlands logins. Dragonflight login needs way more color.

  3. Okay, obviously this looks gorgeous and someone really talented made this, but just like the last 2 login screens, I find it a bit underwhelming. God how amazing was Catas login? I adored that one, probably my favourite. Although it wouldn’t fit a (currently) seemingly calmer xpac story/villain wise, I want that intimidating powerful login screen like Cata had.

  4. Looks great, if there were a dragon animation flying over there I would almost believe it to be a leak (because I’m pretty sure some dragons will be featured there one way or another). Great job.

  5. dont try to be mean but this so lame just like the last 3 expansions, givr us a cata like login screen

  6. i hope for something more flashy, that entertains you for a while, so you dont login immediately and wait for something to happen

  7. I like it. Also, plenty of space in the right side for a dragon to roar (Sindragosa come back pls)

  8. Hi everyone ! Just wanted to try my hand at what the login screen might look like.

    4k version here: [https://imgur.com/UgIBiXY](https://imgur.com/undefined)


    Please let me know what you guys think and what you might think could be on the login screen.

  9. I hope it’s something like this. A nice shot of Tyrshold and then have an animated Alexstraza swoop in, land and roar before flying off after a minute. Kinda like the old Wrath screen, it’d be fitting.

  10. Never make the focal point directly in the center of the screen. It’s pretty though.

  11. I hope the real one has a big fuckin dragon land and roar before flying away (so it can loop and scare me again in 2 minutes)

  12. Looks great!

    Now just gotta animate it and have Alexstrasza hop on that rock on the right and roar every 5 minutes.

  13. Hey everyone, thanks for the feedback and I’ll make a V2 that will be a bit closer to what it could be.

    This was only using the assets given by blizzard but I’ll work on adding:

    – adding dragons (I already have an idea of what I want to accomplish, but it’ll need quite some work as I don’t have the assets for it)

    – more Colors

    It will be done in the coming days 😊

    Thanks everyone as I’m enjoying those kind of projects and that’s how I get more experience.

  14. CrusaderVucial

    If we dont have Alex fly in roar like deathwing and sindragosa then why even play the game?

  15. Honestly would prefer if they have dragons in moving in some form similar to WoTLK or Cata.

  16. I’d like a more active login screen like WotLK or Cata.
    Where somethings happening after some time

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