16 thoughts on “wtf is this?!”

  1. Taking a rift or an ascender when a bot is aggroed on you is instant death. They will hit every shot every time. People posted this a few times last season with the seven outpost rifts

  2. Yeah, Slone has an insane auto-aim… One time, I was like 350m away from her and she still killed me

  3. The AI seems to get really powerful when you’re in the air

    I remember how common it was when ghost/shadow henchmen were in game

  4. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again

    The aim of AI in fortnite has a factor based on speed, so their aim gets a bit better if you start running to keep up with hitting shots, but using a rift treats it as if you just travelled upwards extremely fast and the speed factor breaks giving them pinpoint aim for a moment

  5. thepeepeepooman69

    Word of advice for next time to you and anyone attempting to kill Slone, land on top of one of the roofs at the gas station. Use the sides of the roof as cover and you’ll be fine (most likely).

  6. Yeah thats why i hate rift to go in a fight. I placed top 4 when I died in a rift to go even with a 100 hp 50 shield. It really bugs me that i have a mythic aug, gold combat, purple pump and some heals. thats why im voting boogie bombs

  7. Your head is on fire, she saw you coming miles away. If that’s not a visible target I don’t know what is 😉

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