29 thoughts on “You’re Invited to a Warcraft® Mobile Game Reveal! – May 3 at 10:00 a.m. PDT / 19:00 CEST”

  1. The way they’re wording this, it doesn’t sound like it’s connected to WoW, and more like it’s a standalone game using the Warcraft IP.

  2. The metadata on that page says the following:

    > Join us on May 3 at 10:00 a.m. PDT, where we’ll pull back the blue curtain to unveil our first mobile game in the Warcraft Universe, a **strategy game** designed from the ground up for mobile.

    So it’s probably going to be a Clash of clans/Royale/screaming face dude game clone.

  3. Their few forays into mobile have been decent, like Hearthstone and Diablo Immortal seems like a proper Diablo game on mobile. So, I’m intrigued what they can pull off with this, even as someone who literally does not use their phone for any sort of gaming.

  4. I have zero interest into mobile games but it *is* a relevant platform and Blizzard currently has like zero new games, so it’s interesting that they are trying something. Let’s hope it’s good!

  5. Otto_Osworth

    I’m so hype! Let’s gooo. I just love the Warcraft lore, give me more games and things set in-universe babyyyy.

  6. I’m not overly fond of phone games but I’ll check it out. Hope it’s not some wonky pvp game…

  7. Ok_Tumbleweed9891

    Says strategy game so Im thinking itll be a lot like Warcraft. ill play it. ive wanted a warcraft inspired phone game for awhile (non sarcasm)

  8. ElderFuthark

    Dragon Isles: Mobile

    Build a Dragon City, fill it with farms, habitats, buildings…and tons of dragons! Train them to your will, feed and evolve them into stunning monsters and prove your might to be the top Dragon Master in the world!

  9. That icon, looks like something for an in-game currency. 100 Lightning cogs for 9.99

  10. Its weird to me how many people are writing this off before we know anything about it.

    Yes, a lot of the mobile game market kind of sucks and its quite likely that blizzard is making a game similar to those because its such a huge market.

    There are a lot of good full games that happen to be on mobile devices too though. I’m at least going to wait and see what it is before claiming its trash and complaining about it.

  11. Mobile battle pets pleeeeease. I love collecting pets in WoW, but actually doing pet battles has always felt like it would be a super easy mobile app.

  12. “mobile”

    Still waiting for them to fix Warcraft 3: refunded, give us properly redone cinematics and rework certain questionable questlines and dialogues, before this franchise gets any more money from me

  13. Looking forward to it. Will have something fun to do during those 24h shifts

  14. Hero collection Gacha game (like Summoners War etc) but with all the characters in the Blizzard universe, please!

  15. I have a feeling its just gonna be a Bootleg of another game with a Warcraft skin, and not even a good Bootleg that inprove over the failures but one that encourage spendings and artificially inflate MAUs

  16. leftiesgroomkids

    I hate the trend of announcing announcements. Announcing dates where you’ll make announcements and sometimes even revealing another date for an announcement in that announcement.

  17. I still hate they forced auto chess and slay the spire on hearthstones system when it could have been way better using HOTS or even starcraft2s engine.

    half the fun is seeing the cool animations of sprites not some fucking token/card.

    so all that’s left in the mobile genre is clash of clans/aoe strat and pokemon go since they already announced a survival game for pc.

    I can only hope they’re good and fun.

  18. Please no Idle, afk or auto complete bullshit game.
    Turnbased, TD, strategy game yes please.

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