32 thoughts on “Zen doesn’t skip Leg Day anymore”

  1. Bro, this is gonna get nerfed so quick lol. I imagine the boop effect will get thrown on a cool down. But I plan on playing a lot of zen till he gets nerfed cause it’s its funny af

  2. Question about the knock back is there any cooldown on it? Or can they kick and run straight at you kick and kick some more till they get you with an environmental kill?

  3. Why do you think he floats around everywhere? He was never skipping leg day. He just didn’t want to damage the ground beneath him.

  4. the thumbnail of this with Zen just staring in the dark is so wonderfully ominous. Also, I don’t care how abused this ability is right now, this is the most fun shit I’ve ever seen.

  5. Zen has the strongest leg’s in the world. Squatting rein and roadhog easily. He just takes 6 year rests between sets.

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