3 thoughts on “Zero build question”

  1. The game has NPCs. This is how it works:

    -if the NPC has a white arrow, it’s peaceful (unless you attack them first). Some of these NPCs do nothing, while others can be interacted with.

    -The interactable NPCs sell you things (weapons, healing items, services) for gold, and they give you a random free item in each match.

    -If the NPC has a question mark, it’s hostile, but it hasn’t found you yet.

    -If the question mark turns into an exclamation mark, the NPC dectected you and will attack.

  2. Depends? Are they friendly npc’s? I think the Seven Sentry guys have arrows above them but I can’t remember if they appear on the map (I don’t think they do).

  3. Not sure why it does that honesty, it shouldn’t be showing arrows at all, it may just be a glitch

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